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        I was thirteen then, and very attached to my great grandmother. It was she who
comforted me when I was hurt and protected me from many a deserving whack from
my parents.

        My heart ached to let her go. It was the fourteenth of August in the year 1996
when she died suddenly of old age. She did not stay long enough to celebrate
Deepavali and my fourteenth birthday with me.

        I remember clearly, when I and my parents went to her eldest son's house in
Damansara, she advised me to study hard and become someone useful one day.
After two days, her eldest son rang up and told us that she passed away peacefully
at 2.30 am. I was shocked to hear about her death. My parents drove us to
Damansara to attend her funeral.

        That day, I felt a quiet calm as if she was with me. I was still sad but I could not
cry anymore. It hurt me because I had lost some body so precious to me. That was
the saddest day in my life.

Created by: Miguel Singh s/o Karamjit Singh (4 K 6)