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        Am I a Malaysian? Yes, there's no doubt because the word "Malaysian" is
written on my identity card. But how can I prove that I am a true Malaysian?

        Well, everyday I eat nasi lemak, mi goreng, roti canai and teh tarik for my
breakfast. And I always eat the special fruit of Malaysia - durian.

        I have never brought a foreign product. Everything I am using now is all
made in Malaysia. Every morning, after breakfast, I sing the national anthem of
Malaysian - "Negaraku". I talk in and write a lot in Bahasa Malaysian in school
and even out the school.

        I always obey the law and try not to commit an offence. I follow what
Dr. Mahathir tells the citizens and save all my money in the bank. In the future,
my wife must be a Malaysian and not a foreign girl.
        Ok, I thinks it is enough to prove that I am a Malaysian, a real true Malaysian!

Created by : Wong Yong Way (3 K 13)