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        One evening a small boy came to his mother in the kitchen. In his hand, there
was a small piece of paper. He handed the paper to his mother. His mother wiped
her hands on an apron and took the piece of  paper. And she read the paper. This
is what the son wrote!

        For cutting the grass                                    RM 2.00
        For baby sitting my kid brother                    RM 1.00
        For cleaning up and making the garden     RM 5.00
        Helping you clean the table after lunch      RM 1.00
        Total owned                                                RM 9.00

        The mother looked at her son. The she turned over the paper and took the pen
from her son and this is what she wrote.

        When you were small, I took care of you and doctered you. No charge!
I bought and gave you food, drinks and clothes to wear and even cleaned up your
nose. No charge!

        I taught you to make you clever and also an obedient boy. No charge! She gave
the paper back too her son. The small boy read the paper and then he cried.

        Then the mother said, "Son, I do everything for you but I don't ask any money
from you because you are my son. After that the son took the pen from his mother
and he wrote PAID IN FULL!

Created by: Suresh (2 K 11)