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Sometimes its wonderful to have fun
Jumping around and running in the sun
But that word 'fun' has become a craze
It's made this world a terrible place

Whenever I want to go out for the day
To enjoy and have fun with friends
My parents would be waiting at the doorstep
Another 4 - 5 lectures I guess

I've negleted my studies
And have become worse day by day
With me so my friends
Who always wanted to play

I just love to have fun
"But studies come first"
Said my mum and dad
I keep quiet for a moment
And then stick out my tangue

One fine day
I realized just how much
They loved and cared for me
And I saw things
In a better perspective
Now, I know why
They were so protective

My dear friends
Parents do appreciate it
When we listen and obey
It's actually for
Our own good anyway!

In whatever you want to strive
Don't let 'Fun' win your life
Just remember to be aware
Of the consequences
You may have to bear.

Created by: Haravinder Kaur (1 K 10)